Problem with new user log-in – NOW FIXED

I believe that this should now work again. Please email me at if it does not. As explained in the previous post, Strava recently stopped making athlete emails available to apps like Crickles and we've had to change our sign-up process accordingly. Unfortunately, it's not currently working for new users. It may take a … Continue reading Problem with new user log-in – NOW FIXED


Crickles (and privacy) in 2019

It’s been a little while since the last noticeable change to the Crickles Navigator. From the feedback we get it seems that people find the Fitness and Fatigue functions to be particularly useful, and truer to actual feelings of fitness and fatigue than the alternatives on Strava and elsewhere. This supports our belief that the … Continue reading Crickles (and privacy) in 2019

Heart Rate Regularity

Mark and I quite often get asked about suspicious heart rate readings by people using Crickles. Often these are probably just Garmin/strap errors: the majority of our population occasionally see heart rate values that look wrong... The chart shows the distribution of maximum recorded heart rate by athlete. 62% of athletes show a maximum HR … Continue reading Heart Rate Regularity


The other week one of our Crickles members recorded something odd. He was cycling on Zwift (Zwift Fondo Wk1 Wo2), and is a keen cyclist, typically putting in 3-4 sessions per week. It’s ideal for the time-crunched, particularly over winter. He had been noticing something odd for a while, but he and his doctor had … Continue reading Irony