18th June – update

Update, 20th June - everything should be in order now. Yesterday's update has now played through for everyone who signed up before Wednesday (i.e. almost all Crickles users) and for most, but not all, people who signed up in the past couple of days. Data for activities from today and from late yesterday together with … Continue reading 18th June – update

Analysis by Sport

A major advantage of Crickles is the consistency of the Cardiac Stress Score (CSS) across different types of sport or activity. If you don't wear a heart rate monitor Crickles still gives you a meaningful CSS value - and not zero - that is consistent with the activities for which you did wear a heart … Continue reading Analysis by Sport

When you don’t want to wear a HR monitor… With improvements!

A distinctive feature of Crickles is that it will estimate your Cardiac Stress even when you're exercising without monitoring your heart rate with a chest strap or sports watch. This is critical if you want to track your Fitness, Fatigue and Form since these are cumulative measures and if you leave out chunks of your exercise regime … Continue reading When you don’t want to wear a HR monitor… With improvements!

Joining Crickles

The Crickles community is essentially defined by the athletes who can see analysis of their activities on the Crickles Navigator. The sign-up process is relatively simple, although a little less simple than it used to be before Strava stopped making user email addresses available to Strava Apps. Here's what you need to do: Step 1 … Continue reading Joining Crickles

Enhanced FTP charts

For cyclists who use a power meter, the FTP chart on the Navigator now explicitly states your estimated Functional Threshold Power (FTP) at the start and end of the chosen Date Range. By default, the end of the Date Range, and hence the date of the second FTP level shown, is today. This enables you … Continue reading Enhanced FTP charts