If you just got a welcome email to Crickles and you've been with us for some while, my apologies. It's an error on my part - but you are still welcome! Ian


problems for new users – FIXED

I believe this is now fixed. If you do experience any problems please let me know. More changes are planned in this area following changes made by Strava that affect the convenience of the sign-up process. Ian My attention has been drawn to issues with the initial log-in process for new Crickles athletes. I'll look … Continue reading Sign-in problems for new users – FIXED

Enhanced FTP charts

For cyclists who use a power meter, the FTP chart on the Navigator now explicitly states your estimated Functional Threshold Power (FTP) at the start and end of the chosen Date Range. By default, the end of the Date Range, and hence the date of the second FTP level shown, is today. This enables you … Continue reading Enhanced FTP charts

Heart Rate Regularity

Mark and I quite often get asked about suspicious heart rate readings by people using Crickles. Often these are probably just Garmin/strap errors: the majority of our population occasionally see heart rate values that look wrong... The chart shows the distribution of maximum recorded heart rate by athlete. 62% of athletes show a maximum HR … Continue reading Heart Rate Regularity